From a humble beginning in 1994 international Centrifuge Co.has escalated to be one of the nations leading resources for used, rebuild, reconditioned, and refurbish, industrial Equipment. Starting out locating all different types of equipment from all over the world and obtaining the best pricing for our customers, Our database and resources have become well-known throughout The Oil field, Chemical, Food and Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical,Rendering,Plastics and Wastewater Industries and many more and in doing so we ourselves have built an inventory of Used, Repaired,Reconditioned and Refurbished Equipment. As stated above, our resources are worldwide. Meaning if we don’t have or if we can’t find it — it’s not out there. So don’t waste your time surfing the web, searching for something that we already know if it's available or not… We also offer refurbishing | recondition | repair | rebuild and maintenance. 24/7 Emergency Service.We also do appraisals so you can get the most for your used equipment as possible.*Don’t sell your equipment for less then what it’s worth call us first! We can also take your equipment in on consignment * free storage.Do you want to sell your equipment immediately, give us a call! ICC Specializes in the Requirements of our Clientele: * Sales * Reconditioned, 

Used or New.

International Centrifuge & Equipment Co. 

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